Scalp Massage for hair growth and reverse baldness using Scalp Massager

Scalp Massage for hair growth and reverse baldness using Scalp Massager

Do you remember the last time you massaged your scalp? The relaxation that follows even after a mild scalp massage is phenomenal! Scalp massage should be included in the list of favorite effortless pleasures. It no doubt eases stress and tension, but did you know some studies have found that scalp massage could also promote hair growth? Other than this there are various other health benefits a scalp massage could provide.

Eager to know everything about scalp massage? This article will help you demystify this traditional Ayurvedic practice for hair care and overall wellness.

What Is A Scalp Massage?

To begin with, first, let us understand what exactly is a scalp massage. A simple massage that is focused on the scalp area is a scalp massage. There are many techniques of scalp massage based on personal preferences and the area of the scalp that is massaged. Scalp massage mainly involves the use of your fingers and at times the palm for effective rubbing of the scalp. Some devices available in the market are able to mimic the pressure of your finger-tips for effective massaging.

It is common knowledge that most of us accumulate lots of stress and tension towards the hairline, behind the ears, and neck. This could be due to excess stressing of those regions due to sedentary work lifestyles or even due to poor posture. We often disregard this tension; however, a good massage of the scalp could reverse the strain you feel as it is a highly relaxing experience.

Ayurvedic Significance of A Scalp Massage

Scalp massages are an ancient therapeutic Ayurvedic treatment that has been practiced in India for 5000+ years. As per Ayurveda, there are 108 vital points in our body called ‘Marmas’ in which 31 marmas are present in your head region. They are the pressure points where the arteries, veins, and cranial nerves intersect. 

These Marma points aid in draining, cooling, and relieving pressure in the head region. Massaging these pressure points boosts blood circulation and promotes healthy and stronger hair growth.
There’s a popular term for a head massage in Ayurveda - Shiroabhyanga. Shiro Abhyanga is a Sanskrit term consisting of two words: Shiro (head) and Abhyanga (massage). Shiro Abhyanga refers to a complete massage of the head, neck, and shoulders using pure Ayurvedic herbal oils.According to Ayurveda, scalp massage does a lot more than soothing your senses. Can scalp massages boost hair growth? Is it possible to improve your hair thickness and density with regular scalp massages? Let’s explore the answers to these questions in the next section.

Does A Scalp Massage Help With Hair Growth?

Hair growth is the greatest benefit that could be linked to a scalp massage. Not many would believe this until you know the reason. Did you know that according to researchers and hair experts, strong and dense hair depends on a healthy diet, proper nutrition, and good blood circulation? 

Theoretically speaking, what happens when you give yourself a regular scalp massage is that the attention given to the scalp through gentle massage enhances the blood flow in that area. Along with that, it guides the flow of oxygen and nutrients towards those areas. This is more helpful for those who have a tense scalp. The built-up tension often restricts efficient blood flow in the head. Massaging it relaxes the tension in and around the area and allows proper blood flow.  

There has also been a study conducted in 2016, where a small group of men was given a four-minute scalp massage on a daily basis for 24 weeks. At the end of the study, the researchers concluded that there was an increase in hair thickness. Another recent study conducted in 2019, states that around 300 or so participants were told to follow a certain massage regimen, after which, nearly 70% of participants delineated increased hair thickness towards the end.

Hence, we could conclude that scalp massages do increase your hair growth. Curious to try your hand at giving yourself a relaxing massage? We have the complete guide chalked out for you.

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