How to Use HOUZAIDE Smart Face Slimming Device ?

How to Use HOUZAIDE Smart Face Slimming Device ?


Face Slimming Device (HA401) - How it works?

  • Blue light affects the uppermost layer of your skin.
  • Red light travels further into your skin.
  • Red LED light therapy stimulates the production of collagen (a protein responsible for younger-looking skin that diminishes with age) and increases blood circulation. All of which helps in clearer, brighter, and tighter skin.
  • Blue LED light therapy helps in destroying acne-causing bacteria.
  • Combination of Red & Blue Light has been proven to clear up skin and prevent further acne, blemishes, or other conditions. Blue light kills acne causing bacteria and red light produces collagen which plays a key role in scarring as it's used by the immune system to close the wound and form 'new' skin in the area.
  • EMS- Electronic Muscle Simulation, helps in giving jawline and cheeks a more distinct, chiseled, and contoured appearance. Low faradic currents are delivered into the skin, stimulating nerve endings, and causing muscles to contract and relax at recurring intervals. This motion is what causes the toning, just as your muscles contract and relax when you do ten ab crunches.



Mode 1- Intermittent red and blue light combination. Recommended for beginners (low intensity treatment).

Mode 2- Blue light.

Mode 3- Red Light.

Mode 4- Continuous red and blue light combination (Higher intensity compared to mode 1).


EMS Function

EMS Button: Short press turns on in low intensity > Medium > High > off (cycle). Put face lifting device to your face and make sure EMS nodes are touching your skin before turning on this mode else it will switch of the device after 5 secs for safety purpose.


Please Note: EMS mode only works when steel nodes are touching your skin else it turns off after 5 seconds for your safety. To test this put your fingers on both steel nodes and switch on EMS mode. DO NOT remove your fingers, it will not switch off the device.

IMPORTANT TIP: Charge the device before using it for the first time as the battery may drained. To charge the device use adaptor having voltage of 5V-2A or 5V-1A. Sometimes adaptor doesn’t charge the massager because of voltage mismatch, in this situation plug USB cable provided to laptop/desktop to charge it. This will confirm there is no issue with the massager.



 In case of any further questions reach out to our customer support on 1800-890-9002 and we will help you out.

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